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End Canned Hunting

"South Africa is a paradise for hunters - Thousand of hunting tourists from Europe and the USA travel to the region – they bring home dead animals instead of photos as souvenirs, totally unnecessary and mindless"


Appeal for animals, like humans, to be legally recognised as "sentient beings".

"It really is time we South Africans climb aboard and stand up for our fellow non human beings, who give us so much and enrich our lives in so many ways"

Environment Pollution

Ban Plastic In Our Oceans

"The condition of pollution in our oceans really might not change by the end of our campaign, but maybe people will try to make a change as well and maybe they could make a bigger change in our environment"

Circus Elephant

No to animals in Mclaren


"We want animals to be free, even if they are born in captivity and have no chance to make it in the wild they deserve better. Please help us bring and end to this archaic practice"


End Factory Farming

"Our food system is in need of desperate need of reform; people, animals, and The Earth are suffering. How many times can man turn his head and preend he doesnt see?"

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