The Flock

The Flock


This sponsorship contributes towards our most advanced care requirements, particularly our food, snacks, roughage, bedding, immune support supplements, and general veterinary care

  • Our Stories

    Hazel – 
    Hazel was brought to the farm after a compassionate person witnessed her escaping from a cage loaded on the back of a truck, crammed among hundreds of other cages, which were crammed with hundreds more hens. 
    Hazel could then be considered the luckiest chicken alive. Only after months spent at Asher’s did Hazel begin to trust humans again. Now she is comfortable in anyone’s lap and loves her fresh herbs and veggies in the afternoons.
    Goose, Penguin, Albatross, Crane and Pigeon – 
    These babies (who really were only babies) arrived at the sanctuary terrified and traumatized after being victim to Matric pupils tormenting and torturing them at a well-known High School in Pretoria as part of their 40-day celebrations. Teachers and onlookers ignored the horrors and allowed this injustice to continue for some time. It was a fellow pupil who intervened and contacted the relevant authorities who swiftly confiscated these babies and brought them to Asher’s.
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