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This sponsorship contributes towards my most advanced care requirements, particularly my food, snacks, roughage, bedding, immune support supplements and general veterinary care

  • My Story

    Shira and sister, Kiya were rescued by a compassionate couple, from being sold for slaughter along with the rest of their herd. Unfortunately the whole herd could not be saved and Shira and Kiya went through the traumatic experience of witnessing their whole family shoved and forced onto a cattle truck, never to be seen again...The sisters would call for their family endlessly and were incredibly stressed by the time we brought them to AFS. It was only a few weeks later that they began to settle in. Shira has her big sister to look out for her and she is incredibly untrusting of humans. They now have their own herd, with Mr. T and live very happy lives together.

    Be her hero and sponsor Shira

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