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    Libi was born in June 2017 and arrived at the sanctuary at just 1 week old in need of veterinary attention and 24-hour intensive care. She was born a twin- their mother rejected them both at birth, she developed a congenital disease called ‘joint-ill’ which was due to her umbilical cord contracting bacteria when it was not bitten off properly by her mom. The farmer was not equipped to care for her, and surrendered her to us. Due to the joint-ill, she was unable to stand or walk at all. She underwent intensive therapy at the sanctuary and after a lot of TLC and a long course of antibiotics she has made a full recovery and lives a normal, happy life with her friends, Basil the goat and Abi the sheep. Sadly the farmer was not willing to surrender her twin sister, who we recently learned, has been killed.


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