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This sponsorship contributes towards my most advanced care requirements, particularly my food, snacks, roughage, bedding, grooming materials, immune support supplements and general veterinary care

  • My Story

    Grace was no more than five months old when she arrived at Asher’s Farm Sanctuary. On the road—probably on her way to an auction—she fell off the production truck that she was being transported on and was hit by a car and dislocated her hip. A passer-by who witnessed the incident contacted the Boksburg SPCA who took Grace in and contacted us in the hopes that we may be able to offer her a forever home and the long term care she needed. It took a long time for us to find a surgeon willing to operate on Grace, because she required a special implant which would have to be made especially for her and because no such surgery had ever even been attempted on a large animal breed in the world. Thankfully an equine surgeon agreed to perform the operation- which was a huge success making Grace the first cow / large animal to receive a hip transplant and her case is in the scientific journals- paving the way for any other cow needing similar treatment & surgery in the future. Grace requires ongoing physio therapy sessions but has made a full recovery and is able to live a happy, free life. Her implant grows with her, so it never needs to be replaced. 

    Become her hero by sponsoring her.

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